Party Shots | What to serve on New Year’s Eve

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Looking for a shot or two to serve during your holiday festivities? Look no further! Here is a festive, tasty assortment of party shots to warm and cheer your guests.

Twelve Shots of Christmas

My perennial series of twelve party shooters, originally published in 2018, each one selected for its association with Christmas, winter or the holidays. Whether or not you choose to layer or mix them, you’ll find a delicious something for everyone on your list.

12 Shots of Christmas Collage for PinterestPin
  1. Peppermint Patty Shot
  2. Chocolate Raspberry Kiss Shot
  3. Black Forest Cake Shot<
  4. Snowball Shot
  5. After Eight Shot
  6. Eggnog Shot
  7. Tootsie Roll Shot
  8. Nutcracker Shot
  9. Chocolate-Covered Cherry Shot
  10. Mangled Frog Shot
  11. Butterball Shot
  12. Christmas Shot

Snickers Shot

This snickers shot recipe only has three ingredients, each poured in equal amounts. It’s delicious, with a taste reminiscent of the famous candy bar!

Tall glass filled with the snickers shot looking deliciousPin

Tootsie Roll Shot

Like those dense little candies of the same name, this luscious Tootsie Roll shot delivers a double dose of chocolatey flavor that satisfies.

Vertical view of the tilted glass filled with Tootsie Roll shotPin

Christmas Shot

Layers of Midori and grenadine provide the perfect color combination for the Christmas shot: your guests will think of the holiday season just by looking at it. But its bright deliciousness won’t decorate your table for long!

Vertical view of the three glasses filled with the layered shotPin

Jelly Donut Shot

Once you make this jelly donut shot, you will want to pick it up and shoot it! Trust me! It’s so good! The two ingredients together create the taste sensation of a jelly donut!

All the glasses have been drained of the jelly donut shot and are laying on their sidesPin

Chocolate Covered Cherry Shot

Who doesn’t like chocolate-covered cherries?! This Chocolate-Covered Cherry shot is just as popular but more fun for grown-ups, especially at holiday gatherings!

Vertical view of the chocolate covered cherry shotPin

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Happy Holidays from Dishes Delish!

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