Christopher Benoit's headshot taken in 2020

Hi! I’m Elaine’s husband, Chris. I provide Elaine with editorial and moral support on the Dishes Delish website. If I’m home when Elaine is cooking, I also love to help set up the food photos and, uh, wash the dishes. I know. Call me crazy.

Elaine and I met in an acting class at UMass Amherst some thirty-odd years ago. Coming out of UMass with an English degree and a future wife, I guess you could say my education was a success. But I never thought my degree would come in so handy.

English was not my first choice. In fact, as the closest major I could find to liberal arts, which my father encouraged me to pursue, it was a fallback. I never expected to use it professionally. I always dreamed I would be a performer.

However, life had other plans. It turns out I’ve made my career as an office administrator. And while I’ve always been very organized and communicated fairly well in writing, I never thought I was really “working within my degree,” so to speak. That changed almost ten years ago, when the companies I worked for started needing help with online publishing. Today, just about everyone is publishing online, including us of course. Social media platforms are publishing outlets in and of themselves.

In any case, I’m pleased that the Dishes Delish website is making very good use of my writing, editing, and organizational skills. I’m having a great time supporting Elaine’s vision and mission, both here and on the Dishing podcast. I also love and enjoy the work we are doing together.

I hope you do, too.  Thank you for visiting!