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Godfather Cocktail

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Scotch lovers, rejoice. The Godfather cocktail requires just two ingredients for a well-balanced and delicious sipper. Grab your scotch and amaretto, then get ready to indulge. 

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I have never seen The Godfather movies. In fact, I’ve only seen a few minutes of different scenes and only because they were shown during an award show. My theater friends can’t believe I haven’t seen the movies because of the great acting. They just never appealed to me even though the movies have won so many Oscars. For instance, the Oscar for best actor, best film and many more.

If you like scotch, try the rusty nail. It too has only two ingredients – the other one being Drambuie.

The History

I couldn’t find any information on who invented this cocktail. I’m thinking the movies had a big influence in the naming of this cocktail. It became popular in the 1970’s which is when the first Godfather movie came out in the theaters. So that’s what I’m going with.

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Helpful tips

  • Use the best scotch you can afford and a brand name almond liqueur like Disaronno Amaretto liqueur. Disaronno is an Italian liqueur and has made a premium version called Disaronno liqueur riserva. And although it’s out of my budget at the moment, I’d love to taste it someday.
  • I use Monkey Shoulder scotch because it’s a good scotch that won’t break the bank. It is made with three single malt whiskey’s that has been blended together. It’s smooth and can be consumed neat (no ice) or on the rocks. If you want a really good single malt scotch, try Glenfiddich.
  • You will be using a 1:1 ratio of the two ingredients. That makes it easier to remember how to make it without looking it up.
  • You can either mix this drink directly in your rocks glass and stir it with a cocktail spoon or in a shaker like I do. I love shaken cocktails.
  • This smokey, smooth sipping cocktail also makes the perfect nightcap, which is my preference.
  • I don’t believe this cocktail needs a garnish, but if you want one, use a lemon rind twist.
  • Large ice cubes are perfect for this cocktail. I have this tray to make them.
  • Want to read more about the different kinds of whiskey including scotch whisky? Click here for my comprehensive guide.

How to make a godfather cocktail


Fill a cocktail shaker halfway with ice and gather two rocks glasses.

There are only two ingredients and you will be measuring out equal parts of the liquor and once you do, pour them into either your cocktail shaker or glass.

Step one

Gather the ingredients – scotch and almond liqueur.

Scotch, almond liqueur in front of a cocktail shaker and 2 glassesPin

Step two

Measure 3 ounces of scotch.

Scotch measured out with the bottle, cocktail shaker and glasses in the backgroundPin

Step three

Measure 3 ounces of the almond liqueur.

Almond liqueur measured out, with the bottle and half filled cocktail shaker in the backgroundPin

Step four

Cap the shaker and shake for 15 seconds. Place a large ice cube in each glass and divide the contents of the cocktail shaker between the two glasses.

I chose to not use a garnish but you could put a twist of lemon rind, if you like.

Two double old fashioned glasses with big ice cubes filled with the amber cocktailPin

Let’s get closer!

Close up of two double old fashioned glasses filled with the godfather drinkPin

Here are two godfather cocktails facing off.

Two glasses filled with the cocktail, one on each side and showing only half of the glassPin

I hope you enjoyed this godfather cocktail recipe as much as I enjoyed sipping it.

Please feel free to comment, what classic cocktail do you really enjoy?

Stay tuned from my godmother cocktail which is a lighter and softer version of the godfather.

And as always, may all your dishes/drinks be delish!

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Godfather Cocktail

Scotch lovers, rejoice. The Godfather cocktail requires just two ingredients for a well-balanced and delicious sipper. Grab your scotch and amaretto, then get ready to indulge.
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Course: Cocktails
Cuisine: Cocktails
Keyword: godfather cocktail, godfather drink
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 2 Cocktails
Calories: 237kcal


  • 3 ounces scotch
  • 3 ounces Amaretto


  • Fill your cocktail shaker half way with ice.
  • Add scotch and Amaretto, cap shaker and shake for 15 seconds.
    3 ounces scotch, 3 ounces Amaretto
  • Add a large cube to both glasses and divide the shaker's contents equally between the glasses.
  • Sip
  • Smile
  • Enjoy
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Tips for mixing this cocktail:
  • Use the best scotch you can afford and Disaronno Amaretto. Disaronno liqueur riserva that is premium. I’d love to taste it someday
  • You can either mix this drink directly in your rocks glass and stir it with a cocktail spoon or a shaker like I do. I love shaken cocktails
  • I don’t believe this cocktail needs a garnish, but if you want one, use a lemon rind twist
  • Large ice cubes are perfect for this cocktail. I have this tray to make them



Serving: 1cocktail | Calories: 237kcal | Carbohydrates: 13g | Sodium: 3mg | Sugar: 13g
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Originally published February of 2017

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  1. My husband will love this! I don’t really drink because it makes me feel instantly sick (I know, bummer!) but my husband loves scotch. He’s been to Scotland a few times and I think it brings back good memories for him.

  2. Love the name of this cocktail! And that fact that it’s only two ingredients makes it an easy one to try. My husband is the scotch drinker so I’ll be sharing this with him.

    1. Thanks Stephanie! It seems to me that men like scotch more than women. Just an observation from my bartending days!

  3. Ok, that’s totally crazy Elaine, but I have NOT seen any of the Godfather movies either….:) I’ll be completely honest with you, I cannot drink scotch… It was the first drink I tasted when I was young and it did not sit well with me if you know what I mean….:) I’ll sip a glass of wine while you sip on your Godfather cocktail. Cheers!

  4. This is MY TYPE of drink!! ???? I have a collection of exclusive Godfather DVDs standing on the piano to the right of me as I am typing this comment, with Marlon Brando, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino looking over their sholders 🙂 so I got really excited about this cocktail! So classy!

    1. That’s so funny Vladi! I know a lot of people who loved those movies but for some reason, I never wanted to watch them. I was more into horror flicks when they came out. 🙂 I hope you enjoy this cocktail.

      1. I definitely will, thank you! ???? Movies will stay movies but it is the moments like sipping cocktails with someone you care about that stay forever!

  5. It is sacrilegious to shake a godfather as it has no citrous and is a BUILD drink to be stirred gently. Also if any garnish is requested it usually consists of one or two Luxardo cherries although Maraschinos can be used in lieu of.

    1. Will, I understand when people think there is only one way to make a cocktail, but over the many years I’ve been making drinks, I have found that cocktails can be made many different ways. I do build some cocktails, stir others but I love a shaken drink.I feel that it makes the drink colder and mixed better. I do think it’s a preference. I appreciate your comment! Cheers!

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