Tequila Sunrise Shot

Tequila Sunrise Shot


Most of us are familiar with the classic tequila sunrise cocktail, a drink that’s simple to make and visually beautiful. I recreate it here as a tequila sunrise shot that still uses the same three ingredients but makes for a short, snappy shooter you drink down in one go.

5 minutes

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1 shot


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– tequila – orange juice – grenadine ...

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Gather the ingredients – tequila, fresh orange juice and grenadine.


Measure out tequila and pour it into shot glasses.


Add orange juice. You want the liquid to come up to leave less than 1/4 of the glass free.


Place a pourer into the grenadine bottle. Put the cocktail spoon in and against the glass with the bowl side facing up. Carefully pour the grenadine over the bowl of the spoon and into the glass. 


It’s a pretty drink isn’t it? And it’s not just pretty, it’s delicious as well.

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