Bottom Round Roast

Easy Instant Pot

This easy Instant Pot Bottom Round Roast is perfect. The instant pot does most of the work for you and leaves the meat moist and delicious!

1 hour 50 minutes

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Gather the ingredients – bottom round roast, onion, beef broth, red wine, salt and pepper.


Take the roast out of the packaging and sprinkle kosher salt and pepper on both sides.


Heat the instant pot in sauté mode. Add olive oil and then place the roast fat-side down and sauté. Flip and sauté the other side, too. Remove roast from the insert when done.


Pour red wine into the insert and deglaze the pan.  Place the roast back in and add the sliced onions, beef broth, dried oregano, sage leaf and rosemary sprig. Pressure cook.


In the meantime, wash the potatoes and carrots and cut them into chunks. Slice the celery in half lengthwise and then into slices width-wise.


Add the potatoes, carrots and celery.


Pressure cook again. When ready, take the meat out of the instant pot and place on a platter. Also remove the vegetables and set aside.


Take two forks and pull the meat apart until it has all been shredded.


Plate the beef with some vegetables; pour some gravy over the meat and veggies. So delicious!

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