Apple Cider Bourbon Smash

Apple Cider Bourbon Smash


This apple cider bourbon smash is a dreamy cocktail recipe that comes together with just three ingredients. It’s the perfect festive drink to serve all season long!

5 minutes

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2 cocktails


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Gather the ingredients – bourbon, apple cider and lemon.


Cut the lemon in half and then cut each half in quarters. You will end up with 8 wedges.


Add the lemon to the shaker and muddle the wedges. You want to extract as much of the fresh lemon juice and zest from the skins as you can. Look at it all!


Measure out bourbon.


Measure apple cider.


Add fresh ice to the glasses. Add ice to the shaker, cap it and shake vigorously. Strain, divide and pour the drink between the two glasses.


Add a half slice of apple and one cinnamon stick to each glass. I also add fresh thyme sprigs to each glass, but that is optional. Enjoy!

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